Top 10 Mistakes Newbie Wig Wearers Make

Top 10 Mistakes Newbie Wig Wearers Make

Congratulations on your decision to finally wear a wig! 🎉Wigs are one of the best ways of enhancing your look and giving your style game an A+. If you want to have a positive first-time experience, here are the top 10 mistakes you should avoid as a newbie wig wearer.

Mistake #1 - Not cutting the lace properly: Not cutting the lace is one of the most popular mistakes beginners make, and the reason is that they fear that they might overdo it and make the wig unwearable. Should the wind blow, anyone will be able to see the lace edges, and that can be quite humiliating. A way to fix this is to cut small portions of the lace instead of all at once using long fluid scissors. 

Mistake #2 - Not planning ahead: Rocking a gorgeous wig like the Raw Cambodia Loose Curly from The Frontal Queen is a cool thing to do. However, it is also a smart decision to learn as much as you possibly can about wearing and maintaining wigs. 

Mistake #3. Using wig adhesives without testing them first: All adhesives are not the same as some products can cause allergic or skin irritation. Before you use the wig adhesive, apply a drop of it to your forearm, and wait for a few hours so you can observe the area. If the patch test turns out badly, forget using it. 

Mistake #4. Not wrapping your hair properly: You might have a wig that works wonders, but not wrapping your hair properly can rob it of its magic. The result of such a mistake is a wig that looks puffy rather than natural. If the reason you can’t wrap your hair properly is that it is long, consider using a bonnet. Make sure the lining of the bonnet is lined with silk, like this one. Silk prevents hair breakage and dryness! Alternatives to silk bonnets are silk scarves. 

Mistake #5. Choosing the wrong hair density: Another mistake most newbie wig wearers make is that they choose the choose wigs with too much density. When you do this, it makes it obvious to everyone that you are wearing a lace front wig. Always choose wigs that are realistic and that look natural on you. A rule of thumb is to start with 130/150% density.

Mistake #6. Ignoring the hygiene of your real hair: One of the major things to look out for before investing in a wig is how well it allows your scalp to breathe. Wearing a wig on wet or damp hair can cause bacteria and fungus to grow, leading to irritation and unpleasant odor. 

Mistake #7. Improperly combing and washing your wig: Improperly combing and washing your wig can reduce its lifespan. A better way to go about this is only to use a wide-tooth comb or a wig brush to comb from tip to root. Also, do not wash a wig with extremely hot water or comb it while it is wet. 

Mistake #8. Choosing a lace color that does not match your skin tone:  It’s so important to choose a wig color that matches your skin tone. Doing otherwise is like taking a gamble as you may not look as you expected. Always choose a color that’s closer to your skin.

invisilace the frontal queen

If you don't know your color, get start with Invisilace. It matches with all skin tones. Note - Some tones may require additional tinting with makeup


Mistake #9. Not choosing a wig cap that matches your scalp color: Customers who wear wigs for the first time often wear the wrong cap color under their lace wig. Choosing a cap that doesn’t match your scalp color will easily give you out that it’s not your own hair. If you can’t seem to find a cap that matches your normal skin tone, consider blending the color of the cap with makeup powder or just dye it. 

Mistake #10. Buying a wig that’s too long: Long, silky mermaid hair is irresistible for many beginners, especially if it takes so long to grow your own hair. However, keep in mind that long hair can be hard to manage for someone who has no experience wearing a wig. Wigs below 20 inches in length are a good place to start.  



Wigs have finally achieved mainstream popularity as they’re no longer for only people without hair. If you want to switch up your looks without regrets, be sure to avoid the ten pitfalls above and also buy your wigs from trusted suppliers like The Frontal Queen. Click here to buy one.  

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