Why Invisilace™ Is The Best Lace To Use For Your Frontal Install

Why Invisilace™ Is The Best Lace To Use For Your Frontal Install

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Lace frontals have undoubtedly changed the wig and weave game for women over the years. The ability to make a hairpiece seem like it's your natural hair is out of this world. Hence, lace frontals have increasingly been in demand in recent years now. However, one thing you should note about lace frontals is the fact that there is a huge difference between your usual lace frontals and Invisilace™ lace frontals. Essentially, they are similar in the way they perform, however, they are different in the way it looks.

What Is The Difference Between Normal Lace  & Invisilace™ Frontals?

Now, if you're really into getting your wigs/ weaves installed, you might be able to tell the difference immediately. However, for those that don't, the lace is the distinct factor for both lace frontals.

Invisilace™ Frontals

Invisilace™ frontals can be referred to as the more natural looking lace frontal, because it is much more translucent. As a result, you really do not need to pluck or bleach it, because it looks exactly like your scalp, even in pictures. The lace material used is soft and very lightweight, so it should be handled with care.


Normal Lace Frontals

Normal lace frontals are made with lace that are not as soft as Invisilace™ frontals and are definitely not breathable. Hence, they can cause minimal irritation, especially if the user sweats a lot. Also, the lace is a bit noticeable compared to Invisilace™ frontals, however, they come in different color tones. So, you can choose the best option for your skin. 

Clearly, Invisilace™ frontals perform better and is great for a more natural finish and great feel. There are so many brands of lace frontals on the market and you might get confused about the best brand to get. However, don't fret, because we have the answer… Invisilace™.

3 Reasons You Should Purchase Invisilace

Invisilace is unlike any type of frontal you may have used, as it is guaranteed to give you the most natural & flawless finish compared to others on the market. Here's 3 reasons why you should get it;

Ultra Thin Lace

HD lace frontals are usually thin compared to the usual frontals, which makes it look a lot more natural. With Invisilace™, you get an even thinner lace, which sinks into the scalp and looks like skin. That way, you get a flawless finish every single time.

Soft & Lightweight

The next reason or benefit you stand to gain from using Invisilace™ is how good it feels. It's ultra thin lace is soft and lightweight, which keeps you feeling comfortable all day.

Perfect For All Skin Tones

The ultra thin Invisilace™  frontal is perfect for all skin shades, because of its  translucent feature. Unlike the usual lace frontal, you don't have to bother about getting one that matches your skin.

With the Invisilace™ frontal, you can achieve different looks and still spot a natural finish every time. Get yours today and look flawless all year round!


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